Hi all,

Does anyone know exactly what the contour display is made from?

I have scuffed mine somehow. Slightly annoying since I had one which had a defect in the screen for about a month before I finally got it replaced, and I managed not to get a single mark on that screen, got my replacement and scuffed it the next day. But that is besides the point.

I want to polish out the scuff, it is not at all deep, can't even feel it with a fingernail, but you can see it when the light catches it. Now I believe the screens are made out of some sort of glass rather than acrylic, but before I go and try and polish it with jewellers rouge I would like to check that it's definitely glass so I don't end up ruining it.

If anyone has had any experience of removing scratches from these screens and getting them to a nice polished finish I would be interested to hear what method they used also.

Thanks in advance,