YOUR top 5-10 apps for your Nexus S

This is a discussion on YOUR top 5-10 apps for your Nexus S within the Nexus S forums, part of the Google Phones category; Was just wondering what your top 5-10 apps are for your Nexus S. I got this phone recently and playing around with it I found ...

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Thread: YOUR top 5-10 apps for your Nexus S

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    YOUR top 5-10 apps for your Nexus S

    Was just wondering what your top 5-10 apps are for your Nexus S. I got this phone recently and playing around with it I found some very useful apps. So far(not in order of importance)

    1. Facebook - very clean, easy to use, can chat, check status, update my page, load pictures, etc.

    2. PhoneUsage - If you're like most Canadians you will get stuck with a terrible contract, but that doesn't mean you can't get the most out of your Smartphone. PhoneUsage enables you to put a cap limit on your calls, text messages, and data. By monthly caps, Weekly, and even daily so you don't go over your bill.

    3. Drop Box - This app is awesome, you can place files from your computer to this program by registering with your e-mail and then use it later on a different computer or even a handheld device(Pretty much a portable USB storage.)

    4. WinAmp - The stock music player for Android is pretty bad, WinAmp makes it liveable.

    5. RingDroid - Customize ringtones ON your phone. Mind = Blown.

    6. Swype - Very neat keyboard. Almost getting the hang of it.

    7. CalorieCounter - I've been dieting the last few months now and this app has made my life so much easier by checking calories on items to writing down my eating patterns.

    8. Mint - Keep all your financial information along by keeping track of your daily expenses. This will make tax season so much easier!

    9. Google Goggles/Barcode Scanner - This app is amazing, take a picture of an item(some restrictions) and let your data/wifi show you information on the picture taken. ie: Took a picture of this european beer beverage and information on came up afterwords. Also check the Barcode on an item to check information relating to the item you've scanned.

    10. Juice Defense - Get the most out of your battery.

    honorable mentions: Skype, Google translate, Where's My Droid, IMBd, Urban Spoon.

    So what are your top apps for your Nexus S?

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    I would have to say

    1 Tapatalk

    2 Facebook

    3 Twitter

    4 Beautiful Widgets

    5 Rom Manager

    6 Gmail

    7 Swype

    8 Angry Birds

    9 Bible

    10 IMDB

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    I also just bought my phone recently and I'm learning about which apps you need, which I think is more apropo for this particular thread. All these apps are free.

    1) Advanced Task Killer

    This is an absolutely essential app because apparently many apps are difficult to turn off when you are done using them. This app allows you to safely close any apps you are not using and thus, make life easier for the poor battery.

    2) App2SD

    Another absolutely essential app because of the serious lack of internal memory. You only get about 196MB of memory to work with so the mini SD card comes into play. This app allows you to move your apps to the SD card and thus free up valuable space. It also allows you to clear any cache of apps you aren't using. If you are new to the Nexus One, you will soon realize that you are going to run out of room quickly if you are downloading lots of apps.

    3) ES File Explorer

    An absolutely essential app (for me) because I like to place music, video, and photos on my phone. This app makes it easy to access the files on my SD card and provides an alternative app for the phone (to open up those photos, videos, and music).

    4) Swype

    Ok, this isn't essential, but it's a top app for me. I've been dying to try Swype and it's definitely much quicker than traditional typing. Very intuitive interface so far, I like it! The only version that worked for me was the one downloaded from the Swype website (must register for Beta). None of the other versions I downloaded worked.

    5) PDANet

    This app allows you to tether your phone to a laptop or a computer. Get internet anywhere (you just need the USB cable).

    6) Analog Clock

    I love having an analog clock on my home screen! One of my very first downloads.

    7) Basketball Shots 3D

    I must have games on my phone. It's one of the reasons I bought it. This game is simple, cute, and it's free. It can be hard if you want (by changing the difficulty). It has online play capability (not simultaneous but time delayed) and you can play for virtual money so there's actually something on the line.

    8) What The Doodle?

    This game is super cool. This is the electronic version of Pictionary and it works remarkably well on the N1. One person draws, the other 4 try to figure out what you are drawing. Everyone takes turns drawing. You get points for correctly guessing the answer.

    9) Live Holdem Pro

    Texas Holdem with 4 other people online. Some really hardcore veterans in here, kind of intimidating actually. I can't wait to spend some time in here and improve my skills.

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    In my case


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    White lotus the thing is this is a thread for apps on the nexus S not the nexus one so app2SD is not necessary because they have more internal memory than we do.

    Also if I were you I would not run a task killer because android has it's own task management system starting from 2.2 and above so without going into to much detail a task killer does more harm than good.

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