You've come to the right place, I MIGHT consider swapping my Nexus One for an iPhone 3Gs OR if you are in the UK and just want to buy one instead, I will be selling it for 450 instead of a swap.

I would prefer swaps from the UK (preferably Manchester area), but I'm open to anywhere else in the UK or the US.

My Nexus One has been used for about a month, but, always been kept in it's protective screen, I have't noticed any scratches or blemishes on the device. I LOVE the device, it's just not for me... The Nexus One being sold/swapped is NOT FOR AT&T

It's rooted too, I have it on the stock ROM, I never got round to installing a custom one.

I will only buy immaculate iPhones, sorry, I like my gadgets to be scratch free.

Thanks for reading. Please either reply to this thread or PM me.

@Mods @Admin, if the formatting for this thread is not right, please PM me too, thanks.

P.S. Please close my other iPhone thread in this forum, cheers.