What Do You Guys Think Of Dell Streak?

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Thread: What Do You Guys Think Of Dell Streak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimmakherbs View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pricej636 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dimmakherbs View Post
    big phone, small tablet.

    phone works on BT only if i recall. would rather wait for a 7-10" screen.

    Also think Im waiting for Google to release a more 'tablet' version of Android to ensure a proper purchase. Gonna see this fall whats available.
    It makes calls like a traditional phone, however every review I have read claims it is awkward as hell to hold it like that. Personally, I don't think it has a very good niche in the market at all. Its going to be too big for a phone, and too small for a tablet. Just a personal opinion of course. Other than the big screen, the specs aren't anything different than whats on the market now.
    I see. Then I must have read that Dell said that they expect calls to be used with BT, not that they have to. either way thats funny. I mean is adding an inch to my current screen really gonna be worth $500 to watch an occasional video? hmmm... I just don't understand, but I am definantly buying an android tablet this fall in the 7-10" segment, and I have seen some strong contenders and I have seen a taiwan manufacture making hardware ready to be branded with a new cover and your logo for sale so I KNOW somethign good is coming, cause Im not sure the NI Adam is going to launch first...
    my tablet will be:
    pixel qi
    good battery
    HD res with HDMI out
    support flash and run on Android
    7-10" screen

    thats it, and I know its coming in a few months!
    Completely agree. I think watching videos for any length of time is pretty much worthless on anything less than a 10" screen. I dont mind a youtube clip or something on my phone, but a movie is pretty much guaranteed to add to my already growing eye strain problem
    Nexus One

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    That Engadget review is quite good, but I still think I'd prefer a Nexus One over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stratephaded View Post
    Zack on Saved by the Bell had one too. Man he was cool.
    I had/have a few of these too...they beat the hell outta the Motorola bag phones I still have! /packrat, they're in work storage.

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    I'm loving the 5 inches. That would definitely be my screen size of choice for a phone.

    But, having a nexus, I'd be reluctant to go with anything but a Google branded device in the future - they look after their purchasers with preferential updates etc, and I'd only be interested in running the latest android on my phone... I mean, 1.6? Come on!

    Am I wrong to have the suspicion that the streak won't be very custom rom friendly? Maybe it will, I dunno. I guess if you could root it with a cyanogen or something then it would be great.

    Go the 5 inch revolution!

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    I like it. It is a little big, but in a good way I think.
    If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. Greatest weakness, it's possible that I'm a little too awesome.

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    Dell Streak

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbalou View Post
    That Engadget review is quite good, but I still think I'd prefer a Nexus One over it.
    Well I have had the Streak for a week now and I am afraid I will have to return it. While I do like the big screen it has too many warts to keep.
    1. The deception by Dell leading most to believe if you pay the $549 it would be unlocked. I work for a wireless carrier (not at&t) and the company pays for my service so this won't work for me.
    2. Android 1.6, come on hardly anyone is developing for 1.6. the apps I am used to on the Nexus have problems on the Streak.
    3. Enterprise email doesn't work.
    4. No flash
    5. HDMI only plays back video and pictures stored on the phone not streaming video.
    If Dell would unlock it and give us Froyo it would be a go. But I have to say the Nexus One is one sweet piece of magic.


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    At least dell are giving people the option to experiment with the boundaries between phone and tablet.. I mean, for me it kind of shows negatively the limits of what the dimensions of a phone should be (i think 4 inches is ergonomically sound and the upper limit), whereas perhaps 5 inches for a tablet is going to be too small for most.

    I'm sure the 5 inch size will suit some, but not most, IMHO.

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    Same here as for many on the thread - I won't be interested unless it's 7+ inches ("that's what she said"). I've already got a phone with a big enough screen, adding an inch and a half just makes it slightly better on the screen front but much less pocketable as a phone. This N1 is as big as I want my phone to ever get. Now a home-use tablet on the other hand has to have at least a 1024x768 screen on it. I don't want to be scrolling left and right to see a whole web page if I'm sofa-surfing with an android tablet.

    I also agree on the needing a darn site better version of android than 1.6. I wouldn't buy the tablet unless it had at least 2.0 on it. I expect we'll have an ipad-sized android tablet by the end of this year, or at least a sniff of it coming soon.
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