A 2GHz HTC Phone by the end of this year?

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Thread: A 2GHz HTC Phone by the end of this year?

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    A 2GHz HTC Phone by the end of this year?

    This is getting crazy, yo! Wonder how the battery life would be.

    Rumor: 2GHz HTC Sabor With Gingerbread Coming At The End Of The Year

    by Alex Smith on 1st Jul 2010 - 2 mins ago - No Comments »

    According the Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide, a 2GHz monster is being brewed up by HTC called the “HTC Sabor” and will be headed to at the end of 2010/early 2011. Yes, I said 2GHz and Sprint. What is to be their competitor to the rumored 2GHz device is said to deliver by the end of the year. We learned yesterday, in some rumors going around about Android’s Gingerbread, that the Froyo successor will only be going to devices with 1GHz processors an must have display of 3.5″ and above. What makes the HTC Sabor even more interesting is that it is said to be rocking a display manufactured by HTC, yes I said HTC, to compete with the AMOLED and LCD displays. This will alleviate shortages, as well.
    This new display is said to carry resolutions of over 1000 pixels and will meet the requirements of Gingerbread’s 1280×720. Also, the HTC Sabor is rumored to have a 10MP camera, 1080p video recording, and a kickstand.
    Source: AndroidGuys
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    Sounds AMAZING... but unless it has a HUGH battery....and I MEAN HHHUUUUGGGHHH... it won't last long at all. I hear people who own an EVO should get a spare battery because it dies very quickly. Thats only with a 1Ghz processor and an 8MP camera... so I could only imagine a phone with double the speed and an even higher camera. So far most smart phones last no more than a day with normal use... at least from my experience. True.. this will change over the years and phones will end up with better battery life but I don't expect it to happen by next year. Maybe 2 or 3 years from now at the minimum... and thats if they find a way to cram a lot of juice into a battery... that or make the phones bigger instead of smaller as far as thickness goes. We shall see... while I am a techie myself I don't see the need for a phone like that. It will just cost way too much for one and the battery will just kill it completely because you won't even be able to use it long enough to enjoy its power without having to throw it on the charger. One last thing... if this phone does see the light of day... it will probably be one of the first phones to take advantage of those 2TB microsd cards that are said to be in the works. When, and if, they ever hit the market... my guess is they will cost $500 to $1000.

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    This will be a phone even the iPhone people will have to agree is the best phone hands down
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    well I am digging that HTC is going to make their own screen! Honestly I like HTC. I think they are a small company that sits behind the scenes and makes good products! I want to see what they bring to the table.

    What I don't like is this says its going to sprint and Motorola is putting out a 2gighz phone, so you KNOW that will be Verizon... where are we left at T-Mo? Think Google will pick up a GSM version make it Vanilla and be on T-Mobile?
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    GSM, or it's doomed to low sales.

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