I am looking to trade my T-mobile Nexus One for one which works on ATnT frequencies. I will be arriving in the US in 15 days, and will be residing in Troy, New York (zip 12180).

The bootloader has been unlocked, but otherwise there is no modification/damage whatsoever. The phone is around 20 days old. I've been using a screen protector on it from day 0, so no scratches at all.

Would anyone be interested in a switch? Please PM/email me.

Note: I am looking for a switch only, please; not interested in selling. I'd prefer that the switch happens in-person. I'll post photos of the phone if anyone is interested, but really, it's brand new, no damage at all



Alternatively, if someone from India has that ATnT Nexus One and is willing to exchange in the next few days, that works out perfectly for me too. Note that in India, 3G will work on either ATT or T-Mobile Nexus One.