Sony Ericsson (SE) is set to sanction the unlocking of a built-in boot loader on a number of Xperia phones it plans to release this year.
The London-based smartphone maker has taken the somewhat unexpected and bold step to ship its Xperia Play, Arc, Pro and Neo handsets with an unloackable boot loader via Android’s Fastboot facility, which in layman’s speak basically means anyone with the programming know-how will be able to load an alternate, or additional, operating system on the devices if they wish to do so.
However, the offer only applies to unlocked versions of the handsets, so carriers shouldn’t have to worry about contract customers doing anything un-kosher. With Android being as open as it is, they probably won’t even have to. But advanced users who demand more control from their gadgets, particularly developers, will have the option to dig as deep as the please.
There is, of course, a slight catch: the use of the boot loader will void your warranty. Therefore, only attempt to use it if you know what you’re doing, because Sony Ericsson will take no responsibility if you manage to render your brand new kit little more than an expensive paperweight.
No further details are available but SE promises to provide an update “later this spring”.