It's a sad day, butI'm going to buy an Inspire 4G so I have no use for my trusty old N1.

It's in pristine shape, really close to perfect. There are a couple TINY, TINY scratches on the screen I had to hold a flashlight to it and turn it a certain way to see them at all. I wasn't even aware they were there and they are impossible to notice ever in normal conditions. It really is like the best condition phone I have ever seen that has been used.

It comes with the HTC car dock, oem charger, headset 4GB microsd, neoprene sleeve, boxes and docs are all there.

It's on eBay right now. I'll sell it outside of ebay for 300 shipped, you send me a money order (preferred to avoid fees) or Paypal will work I guess. Item #320689394435 so you can check out pics or look at the other description.

It has CM7, the latest radio out of one of the last Korean phones (great reception), and redstar's UC/OV kernel. I have SetCPU installed but only ever actually overclocked to do a few linpack tests, it got consistent 40.xx's for those curious. Any of this can be removed at the buyer's choice before I ship.

TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THE PHONE: Please send an email at Thanks for looking.