Help Me Get a New Phone Please

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Thread: Help Me Get a New Phone Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugmankc View Post
    Sorry about your less than enjoyable experience with the GN Judee. Seems not the norm though. Did you go to a store and try one to compare. I don't know if you are interested in contracts, but the HTC One S and maybe One X can be had fairly cheap on contract. I do like my One S. Good luck on further phones.


    Thanks Ken. I liked it but wasn't the phone for me. I have got to get the Galaxy s3. That is the one I want, the one that feels the best, runs the best and handles the best for me. I hate to shell out almost 700 dollars though so I ma still looking around. I want that phone but wont pay that price. I may have to go back to Att, Verizon or T-Mobile. Don't want to do that either but I may have to, to get it at a reasonable price. Gee, these people think we are made of money. I try to justify where I spend mine and 700 is way too much for a phone, no matter how bad I want it...

    Your phone looks awesome Ken. If I hadn't already had the S3 in my hands for a few days I would consider yours. And the OneX.

    Thanks again! Catch ya later...
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    I played with the s3 today, very nice. Screen was beautiful and smooth. Since I just bought the 1s at 600.00, I will have it awhile. Very nice, solid phone. Looking next year to watch for the first 2gz phones and maybe look at Verizon. Or, whoever gives me best coverage at my house and work. TMobile seems to be spotty for me on good signal areas.
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