I picked this CD the second I could.

It's 72 minutes and change I've listened to it non stop at least 5 times so far.

One of their better records over all. The intro to the cd (and first song) is a bit much though just too long, but I love the song it's just too long a build up even though it's quite well done.

Now what I really liked is the way they were able to blend current events into non preachy but thoughtful insight with metal.

track #2 El Dorado is going to be the single and really about the economy and real estate market. Very cool how to spoof it and spin it like magic and the fabled golden city. As always points to them for cooking things up.

This the first CD i've bought in who knows how long, and damned well worth it.

I'm not a pro at reviewing at all but there's my 2 cents!