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    *administrators - i understand if this topic should be moved.

    i would like to have a dialouge of your cell phone history. my children do not know of a life without a remote control...but i do.

    my 1st phone was a "car" phone. 1990ish. stationary. anlg. sony ericsson. 650 minutes free, as a contracted employee of US celular.

    2nd phone was many years later. 1997 verizon. star tac 1st gen. flip phone. my employees reffered 2 it as "the boat phone". anlg. had it 7 years until the anlg. surcharge was enforced. OMG.

    3rd phone was a lg flip phone (still had an ant.) lasted 13 months. BTW i'm still not txting.

    4th phone was a motorola 660? (yup an ant.) still verizon. still not txting.

    5th phon was a motorola 310? 315? (no ant!) mobile web 25mg. texting like crazy. games galore. blowing up the 1x band!

    6th phone. Ally! whats your story?

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    I have had so many phones over the years that I can't remember what most of them were.

    My first one was installed in the car with US Cellular and I got 2 of the boat phones, I think they were Motorola, to go with it. However, my wife (now ex), would over use hers and my bill ran into the $800 to $1000 range. At the time, I was barely making $650 a month. So I lost my phones and no other carrier would give me an account for years. (And I don't blame them.)

    I wasn't able to get another phone until they came out with pre paid accounts. I have had too many of them to count and don't remember which ones they were but most were Nokia flip phones.

    It wasn't until about 6 years ago that I was able to get a regular phone with Verizon. I manged to get it through an employee plan at work.

    With Verizon I have had the following phones:

    Samsung i730 (Windows) - Kept it for 2 years.

    Verizon SMT5800 (Windows) - Kept it for 1 year.

    EnvTouch - Kept it for 1 year.

    LG Ally - Have had it since May 2010.

    I had a non smartphone before the Samsung but don't remember what it was.
    Motorola Droid 4

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