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    Welcome to the Zopo Forum!

    Welcome to the Zopo forum here at Android.net!

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    Ordered a ZOPO ZP500+ and some thoughts on the company ZOPO

    I placed an order for a ZOPO ZP500+ last night, and hope to have delivery (via DHL) in 7 to 10 business days. The features that I specifically wanted in the ZOPO ZP500+ were its dual-SIM, dual-Core, quad-band functionality. In particular for the quad-band I wanted a phone whose 2G (voice) and 3G (data) would work in Asia, Europe, and North America.

    The ZOPO website for their phones is : ZOPO MOBILE SHOP

    The specifications for the ZOPO ZP500+ phone I ordered is here: ZOPO ZP500+ MTK6577 Smartphone . From what I have read the ZP500+ is simply a ZP500 where the single core MTK MT6575 processor in the ZP500 was replaced by the dual core MTK MT6577 to make the ZP500+. This was possible as the MTK MT6577 is purportedly pin-to-pin compatible with the older MTK MT6575. This has the advantage for the designer and manufacturer that they do not need to redesign their phone for the new CPU.

    wrt to the networking, I noted the specification is:
    • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • 3G: WCDMA HSPDA 850/2100 MHz
      Data Service: GPRS, HSUPA,HSDPA
      Data Rate: HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps

    This was important to me, as in Europe/Asia for 2G the phone would use 900/1800 MHz and for 3G use 2100 MHz. In North America (Canada in particular for me) for 2G the phone would use 850/1900 MHz and for 3G use 850 MHz.

    I plan to heavily use the phone's WiFi 802.11 b/g/a/n for internet access at home, the office, and at various internet hotspots when I am travelling. That should hopefully help reduce the data access time.

    Even though the trend is for smartphones with larger displays, this is to be my 1st android smartphone, and I wanted a smaller display. Hence I am hoping the 4.0 inch display at 800x480 pixels will ok for me.

    I typically carry my own digikam and also separate camcorder when I travel, but I do appreciate the phone having a 5 Mpixel back and 0.3 MPixel front camera, which I plan to make use of with Skype.

    Prior to ordering the phone I did try to research ZOPO a bit, and I am still learning about this Chinese company. Its a young company, and to quote from their web site:
    ZOPO Company is founded in 2012, which engages in research, development, produce, marketing and service of mobile intelligent terminal products.
    In researching phones, I learned that a number of models of the Chinese smart phone company Hero has identical phones to a number of the ZOPO phones. For example, the following phones are purported to be the same:
    • Hero H5500 = ZOPO ZP100
    • Hero H6000 = ZOPO ZP200
    • Hero H8000 = ZOPO ZP500

    My research suggested (from a gizchina forum thread) that Hero and ZOPO share the same manufacturing plant. There was speculation that the ZOPO may have slightly better quality control in its build process than the Hero ... although I can not say that is correct nor incorrect. I noted on a Russian Android forum that there were references to PROM interchangeability between Hero and ZOPO, and Russian users were taking ZOPO PROM's and burning them onto Hero phones (of identical specifications). I also read of methods used to root ZOPO phones were being applied to root identical Hero phones. I even stumbled across a youtube ideo demonstrating Hero and ZOPO phone hardware being interchanged


    On another thread I read speculation that ZOPO don’t have their own factory, but that they are only a Technology company. They provide the technology to the factory and the factory produces the phone for them. The factory also then learns the Technology and copy/clone the phones directly. Another internet article stated:
    even though ZOPO also does not have their own factory for building their own phones, they do have a research and development department. They continually develope software updates for their phones, which they provide to their customers.
    If true, and I think there could be speculation in the above, that explains to me why I read accounts on the Russian forum of users trying to take the ZOPO PROM and burn it to an 'identical' Hero phone. The view of some of the articles I read, are that some of the Hero phones may be the same phone in build as some of the ZOPO phones, but the Hero phone's PROM may not as advanced as that of the ZOPO (where ZOPO mainain their own PROM for the same hardware, and possibly Hero do not conduct such PROM maintanance).

    ... anyway it is all interesting speculation but I can not say for certain it is all correct.

    When I receive my new ZOPO ZP500+ , and after I have the chance to play with it a bit, I hope to post my results here wrt it (albeit this will the assessment of a new Android Smartphone user). While this will be my 1st Android Smartphone, it won't be my first Android device (as I own an Asus TF101 transformer).
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