Have a Nexus 4, it's rooted and still running the original 4.2. I have not and don't want to update to Kitkat. I read what each issue is supposed to do, and none do anything important for me.

There is a post from 10/30 about getting Windows to recognize the phone. Do you have to install the Nexus 4 toolkit? Following the instructions in that post, Windows says nothing installed.
I downloaded toolkit in July and got too busy to bother with the phone, plus I changed from an XP laptop to a 7 pro one.

I rooted the phone to get rid of all the nonsense, including Google's. I don't need Now, Location, + , I get mail through Aquamail. Google annoyed me by hiding the logout on Play on the computer. Just a big notice to join + now. I do NOT like being blackmailed or forced into things I don't need.

The phone is used for calls and text. The rest of the phone, and why I bought it is for reference apps. Feature phones don't run them. The phone's price was decent, and it does have a good processor. I must have almost all the major astronomy apps and Audubon guides. BTW - these programs are large. Sky Safari and Mobile Observatory recommend using wifi to update - how about over 10,000 files?

I'm also looking for a ROM. I want a plain one with not too many bells and whistles. All of the blurbs about the available roms tout the cosmetic features. I'm a minimalist and don't need them.

I'd also like information on the Oppo phone. The Find looks interesting, again, all it is is features. I want to know if it will run my way.

Not interested whether or not the phone runs LTE. I have data, but mostly use my wifi. If I need data out of the house it's very minimal, like looking up an item I forgot. Even 2G will take care of that. The terrain where I live gives all carriers fits, anyway.