Hi my good friends,

Out of the blue my phone won't let me install/update/uninstall applications whenever the SD card is inserted. I tried using different SD cards of different flavors and sizes but still won't work properly. All cards used are new and are accepted by other smartphones I have (oldies) So, I performed a factory reset and that didn't work either. So I removed the SD card and am using my phone without one.

The other issue... I can't connect my phone via Bluetooth to my 20" iMac computer. I can pair them but my phone's always displaying "Paired But Not Connected" state. I tried initiating the pair procedure from my phone and from my iMac just in case and still no luck. I'm desperate as I need to keep both in synch as I schedule appointments frequently and have tons of contacts to keep track of and now my phone is in a factory state. I can live without some of the applications I used to have but not without my schedules and contact. I checked for new AT&T and HTC Software Updates and all seems to be up to date.

I hope one of you gurus can point me to the right direction. Any ideas???