Well I rooted my phone with Gingerbreak 1.2, and it has been working great for the past 3 weeks! But a few nights ago, I had my phone clock feature open and hit the little sun/brightness button in the top right corner to dim the screen and leave it on the clock while I slept & when I woke up, all my widgets said "Problem loading widget..." & my ADWlauncher reverted back to my stock settings as well...My flip click, batterylife, and my other toggle widgets had to be uninstalled and re-installed, as well as my adw, because they were showing up in my apps drawer but not when i'd try to add a widget (and I didn't delete my dalvik-cache or anything, last time I did that, it deleted my stuff & messed up my widgets...so i'll never do that again). But its done this twice now...2nd time it happened was because my dockbar disappeared for some reason, so I powered down the phone after nothing else worked & turned it back on & my widgets were gone again. This is ridiculous!

I've moved my widgets and whatever else was disappearing from my sd back to my phone...it's still acting stupid! I'm almost to my breaking point with this phone and all of its issues.

Does anybody have a solution to this or know why it does this?

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