I just bought my first Android phone, LG Optimus L3 with Android 2.3.6.
It's not the best one, but it could be enough to discover Android

This phone has only 157Mo memory system (there should have 384MB at the total, including the system).
There has also 1GB of internal memory.
And I added a 16GB Mini-SD.

But it looks like I can use the Mini-SD as USB Key only?

There is 34Mo free in the system memory only, so I can't download a lot of new application!
There are some applications I can move from the system memory to the internal memory, but not all the applications have this option (the button is off)!

Is it normal to not be able to transfer some applications to the internal memory?
Is it possible to transfer applications directly to the Mini-SD (instead of internal memory)?

Does the latest versions of Android (like 4.0 ICS) offer more features for the storage management?
Because I could perhaps take another phone like HTC Desire C style running Android 4.0 ICS.

Thanks for your help