I've had my Droid 4 (motorola) for a year now and over the past few months I've experienced a rare but random moment when I try to call someone and I can't hear the phone ring. Additionally I can't hear them answer or talk. Their phone rings when I call them of course and they can hear me talking just fine. The only way I can hear the phone ring when I call someone or hear them talk is if I have my phone on speaker or while using my bluetooth setting. I want to be able to use the normal speaker setting. I've tried to correct the issue by shutting the phone off and back on several times...leaving it off overnight...making sure I'm not missing any updates...checking volume levels in my settings...I even reset it. The other two times it's done this I just dealt with it and eventually after a day or two it worked again. This issue has been lasting now for three days and is really becoming a problem. Any ideas or suggestions before I go into my local Verizon store to have them poke around with it? Thanks in advance!