I am having the red eye problem. Except I cannot go to Verizon, we went on Verizon revolt recently and switched to Page Plus. They use Verizon towers and am very happy with their service. We have 3 Maxx's and Love the battery life. However my daughters recently started losing 3g service ( Page Plus is now in the process of going 4G). She would have to reboot but would lose it again. Now her phone is stuck on the Red Eye. I have tried Vol up/dwn Pwr did wipe cache partition to no avail then Factory Rest also to no avail. Can anyone instruct me how to fix this problem? I am recently disabled and cannot afford a new phone right now. I've read a little about using adb and rsd I think it was to reprogram phone but seems complicated. But since I have the time I'd go that route if someone could hold my hand so to speak.Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.