i got a used xgody to view my cameras on and it was reset to factory when i got it. but for some reason it will either turn off the screen and i have to tap the power button or remove the power to get the screen to return, or if goes back to the home screen where the apps are i then have to restart the tiny cam app. on the drop down i now see warnings about harmful apps youtube and google calendar i don't understand why google calendar would be harmful or youtube. so i disabled them both and then i got a message that youtube stopped and i had a time getting that message off. i had to tap ok and then real fast move the screen before that message came back. took half hour to get to the disabled youtube and enable it, then i got the warning again that youtube is dangerous. the only app i have on this tablet is tinycam pro tinycam and yousee. the rest came with the reset.

i captured the screen but i can get that picture off the tablet using the usb cord connected to my laptop. so if anyone needs to see it i will take a picture with my phone and put it up.

what i want is to just keep tinycam up and running all the time. as it is my monitor for the cameras. anyone happen to have a fix for this? do i have to do a reset again or maybe a deeper reset? if so how do i do a deeper reset on the xgody tablet.