Have you heard anything about this?

Since I allowed Pie into my phone it keeps (every 5-10 min) giving me a notification that my wifi settings have been adjusted to optimal settings. It also shuts down the wifi calling and gives me a notice that my address needs updating (T-Mobile confirms my address is fine). I can make a wifi call just after reboot, but that call will usually get dropped within a couple minutes.

I initially contacted T-Mobile who said, "Samsung pushes out the upgrades."

Samsung offered to flash back the phone and told me to go to a walk in shop. I was hoping for a different option. They also told me that they do not write wifi calling software...that is all T-Mobile.

I called back T-Mobile and after fighting through a long list of Bozos (including one who said that 6 feet from a router is about the max for a wifi call), I got a guy that was pretty bright. We turned off wifi calling's control over wifi. That made it easy to reset the wifi calling by turning wifi off and on, but it really did not solve the problem.

Called back to Samsung to just accept the flash back. Now they are saying that a flashback to Oreo is impossible.

Anyway....have you heard anything about this issue and/or a fix?

S9 on T-Mobile