HTC Desire w BIG problems. Help please!

This is a discussion on HTC Desire w BIG problems. Help please! within the Rescue Squad Help forums, part of the Android Rescue Squad Support Forum category; Hello. This is my first post, so if I have posted this in the wrong forum, pls forgive me. I recently purchased an HTC Desire ...

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Thread: HTC Desire w BIG problems. Help please!

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    Exclamation HTC Desire w BIG problems. Help please!

    Hello. This is my first post, so if I have posted this in the wrong forum, pls forgive me. I recently purchased an HTC Desire from ebay that was refurbished by HTC and still has 1 month remaining on its warranty. For the first 3 days of owning it worked like a dream. Today tho, the 4th day, it has developed some serious, baffling, illogical and frustrating problems that render it almost useless. When I purchased the phone I also purchased a 16GB micro SD card, and have been very careful to save any app's, where allowed, to the card. At present only 3% of the card has been used, and the internal storage has 26%/109.2mb free space remaining, in theory, more than enough space for a few more selected app's and widgets, etc. There are 9 app's totaling 6.2mb on the internal storage. Although I believed I had space to spare, I gradually, within the space of a day's use, noticed that the 'low space' warning icon seemed to appear and disappear with increasing regularity and for seemingly no particular reason. I naturally checked with a save/move to SD app to see if any app's could be moved and how much space was available on the internal memory, but no app's/widgets could be moved, and although there were 13 app's installed at the time, there was still 74mb space available. I uninstalled a feel app's to free up 7 or 8mb, but although the free space increased, the warning menu bar icon remained. I then tried re-installing one of the small - 1.2mb - removed app's, but was greeted with a new warning icon saying that there was 'insufficient space' to download, so I removed two more app's, taking the installed number to 9 and the free space to 109.6mb, but the icons remained. I tried to sms a fried for advice, but as I attempted to send it it was changed to an mms message, and I received a new warning saying that there was insufficient memory to either write, send or even read any of my received messages.Previous to all this I had noticed that the normal minimal lag encountered between actions had, on occasion, turned into very long lag, sometimes freezes and the occasional crashes. Not only that, but my default BBC news widget, the news reader adjacent to the home screen, had inexplicably disappeared, and online form filling had become at times impossible, with messages telling me that, for example, a password needed to be 6 characters or more even when I entered one of over 14.I have no idea if any of the problems listed are as a result of one major issue, or are in any waylinked. I have read all the help files, tips etc that I could find, tried rebooting, tried freeing up space, removing app's, running AntiVirus scans etc, but to no effect. The only thing I have not tried is restoring to factory settings as I have no idea what I would or would not lose. I am now reaching my wit's and patience end. I would welcome any and all help, suggestions and possible solutions with gratitude. J.

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    1, you don't need antivirus yet -- as long as you don't pirate and only download from trusted sources. 2, HTC phones have a memory leak issue. 3, I'd back up my personal data and do a factory reset. If you develop the problems again I'd send it back and get a replacement.

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