Recently bought a Kenwood Excelion 895. Overall not a bad unit and has some pretty good features.
One of the main reasons I bought it was for the built-in bluetooth hands free capability.
Now currently the built-in bluetooth works fairly well with my T-mobile G2. There are few bugs but mostly minor. Kenwood released a new firmware update for this radio. However it has to be done via bluetooth. I figured I would try the update to see if it fixed the minor bugs.
This consists of a laptop, their updater tool and the firmware file.
Now my toshiba laptop has bluetooth drivers. The laptop and the radio can both see each other however kenwood either has a crappy update tool or crappy directions.
While my laptop and the headunit can both see each other no matter I do their update program tells me no bluetooth device found when I try to perform the update.
I called Kenwood and some trained monkey on the other side could do nothing but pull up the update procedure pdf off the web. I swear to you he read through the process which I had already printed and told me he nothing else besides that and that his job was basic support.