Guys, Im in serious need of an SBF file for my Milestone X. I have searched extensively and come up with zilch.
Here's what happened to me. I had the phone rooted and tried a couple ROMs ending up on Darkslide 4.2 I decided to go back to stock, but instead of doing the smart thing and using my backup, I did a factory reset. It set the phone back to stock with Verizons baseband. I'm on a small regional carrier called Appalachian Wireless. I have had one or two other AW customers tell me that they had similar probs and needed to SBF and used the "Generic North American" SBF or the one for Cellular South and was able to get voice and text back, but no data.
I wiped the phone clean, unrooted it and sent it back. Ive been waiting two weeks on the phone, using a flip phone and am about to go crazy. Im assuming the phone will be replaced (with hefty restock fee) this coming week, but would love to have this SBF file for future insurance. I would be willing to pay for the file if it can be found.