I'm new here and I'm not sure if this has been addressed. I downloaded GOSMS (I also tried Hancent)
to my stock Galaxy S2. This what I did...I disabled the stock sms by going to Notifications and unchecking the box. I went to settings , applications,manage applications, all, then messaging. Went to "launch by default" and cleared default. When I tried to send a text, a box popped up asking which messaging I want to use as the default. I checked the box and chose GO SMS. When I send a text (in go sms or in hancent) it also shows up in the stock sms. When I receive a text, the same thing happens, it still shows in the stock and go sms. Even the red msg indicator pops up. I gave detailed information of what I did. Please help. I cannot figure out anything else I can do. Lost too many hrs trying.