Hello all. I recently noticed an annoying dot around the middle of my screen on my device. I thought it was a defective pixel originally, but now I am not sure.

I'm currently on my second Moto Atrix 2. I exchanged the first one because it had a dead pixel and I had only had it for about a week. But now, I may have to exchange my A2 AGAIN . What I'm experiencing is like a mixture between a stuck pixel and a bit of dust under the glass.

The dot is in between black and what depending on what the colors under/around it are. When the screen is turned off (black), the dot is whitish. When the screen is white, the dot is blackish. With the brighter colors the dot is darker, and vice versa. I originally thought that this was a stuck pixel and ran an app that flashed colors across the screen for a fairly long time. This did not work.

I rebooted my device to see if it was just some quirk with the fairly new device. When my A2 was off, I noticed that the whitish dot was still there. When I pulled the battery, the whitish dot was still there. The reboot did not help fix anything.

I then tried gently rubbing the area around the dot. I did this when the device was on, when the device was off, and when the device was turning on. At one point I got frustrated and decided the dot was just a bit of dust that could be pushed out from under the screen, so I used tried to push the dot with my fingernail to the side of the screen. This did not work.

I can't understand what this is under the Gorilla Glass of my device. Is it a defective pixel? Is it dust/dirt/sand? Is it something else? More importantly, can it be fixed easily? Would my 30-day warranty cover this (with AT&T)?

Thanks for any advice you can give.