Hi all,

I'm having a bit of difficulty with mobile banking and am hoping someone out there might have some ideas as to how I can resolve my problem....

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2 through T-mobile (UK). I bank with Barclays who provide a mobile banking service whereby you can log in using your phone and view your accounts, balances etc - previously I've managed this successfully using my HTC Desire, however upon trying to log in with my Galaxy S2 I'm given an error message saying that I've either not registered for mobile banking or have entered my log in details incorrectly. This is not the case as I can log in successfully via PC and via my BlackBerry (work phone).

It therefore appears that my unsuccessful log in attempts are down to the Galaxy S2 and I've no idea why this is or what I can do to overcome the problem

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or have any idea why this might be/what I can do to resolve it?

Many thanks!