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Model : Samsung Galaxy Pro
Software : Froyo 2.2.2
Carrier : Claro(verizon in puerto rico)
Phone rating : 8.4(my opinion)

I spent a good few minutes organizing these icons, and some how, every time I turn off the phone and on, it ends up mushing them up again, im tired of orgazning them like I want, any way i can make this stop, I would also like to know how i can put most of those app on that page in ONE folder right there, not in the home screen like many apps suggest , cause honestly, in that picture, i dont use any app there, cause the SAMSUNG Galaxy PRO, has a dedicated button for search and i can get to setting in 2 clikcs from main screen, so i would love to either put them in a folder or hide them(like in Black Berry). thanks for any help!