when i got my moto defy for xmas last year, i had my older brother root it for me. i really had no idea how to safely use root, but i liked being able to overclock and all the other features. the phone was a little buggy just because it was on 2.1 and no updates yet. once an update came out, i installed it and got a great performance increase. later, i realized that it was not working right. whenever i hold down an on-screen button, the touch sensitivity "timed out" after only about 1.5 seconds, unless i kept my finger moving around on the screen. and every few times i reboot the phone, this glitch goes away until i reboot again and then it is back. root was also taken away, and none of the one click roots work. also, when the 2.2 update came out, i got the error message when rebooting after installing the update and it did not work. i tried wiping the phone several times, no luck. i am now interested in fashing a custom rom and rerooting. would this fix it? there must be a special way to do it since my phone is so messed up. i would like 2.2 or 2.3, and 720p vid would be cool too. the version i have now is 2.1.1, so can anybody suggest a rom that is stable and will work ok?. one more question, when i flash a rom, will it leave my apps and settings alone or do i have to start over?