Here is the story:
I bougt this little device to read e-books and watch movies as my bedtime stories. Anyway kids liked it as a toy. So, after a week my tablet was full of kids game-apps and i decided to make factory reset to start fresh, since my own stuff did not fit there anymore.

Now i have this huge problem:
My tablet resets itself after every shutdown. All my settings and software will be wiped clean and its kind of frustrating to start every time with hour-long setup. Not speaking of stuff like calenders and notepad applikations I really need.

Funny thing is... I cant even install some applications anymore, since it claims, that my tablet has no space. For internal storage it shows at most top part "Total space 0.00B" And Apps 38.93MB
After that there is second internal storage, that shows a bit more info and has nothing 0

I suspect (years ago i studied IT but I didn't like this field very much, so I kind of to other things as living) root folder has somehow blocked itself up, so, tablet cant write anything on it, no settings and no software but I cant be clear.

I would be very thankful, if someone can help me with this kind of problem. I made this huge research about android system in last few days but nothing has helped me thisfar.

My tablet has following info (based on android commander software and "About Tablet" info):
Model: MID74C
Android Version: 4.0.3
Baseband version: 1.1
Kernel version: 3.0.8+ qgb@inet #18
Device: crane-evb
Brand: iNet
Build ID: 97F2-R1-H1-H01-1784.20120407