Can anyone tell me how to disable or prevent an unwanted firmware update? It could be an official ICS update but I can't tell.

If I try to accept the installation, it reboots the phone but then the update fails with the message

"Software update
Failed to update firmware. Try again using PC software (Kies) or visit a Samsung service centre."

I then get the update notification again and the only option I have is to postpone the install for later. Is this happening because I have already flashed the ROM with the version below?

N7000DXLR2-------4.0.4-------------2012 July--------------N7000OLBLR1----------Singapore (SingTel)

I've tried unchecking Settings > About phone > Software update > Auto update but this doesn't stop the alert popping up.

I have Root Explorer and Superuser apps installed.

Grateful for any advice.