Hello everyone, My name is Jen and I have a Samsung Galaxy Attain 4g that I just rooted. My main reason for root was to get rid of the carrier installed apps that I will NEVER use!! I'm pretty new to the world of Android so I thought I would turn to the forum experts to solicit some advice.

I am having a problem with wifi connection since rooting the phone. First I lost the notification icon that alerts me that I am connected, so now I have to go into settings to check the connection. However even though it says I am connected I am unable (at times) to view web pages or download. I changed the wifi sleep policy to never but I am constantly having to turn wifi on. It will stay on for a few seconds up to a minute and then turns off. I have no idea how to fix this headache. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or do you know what I can do to correct this??

Any suggestions are much appreciated.