Hi sorry I can't find the support section on this app.. but I would love some help.

I have been following this http://www.modaco.com/topic/355158-r...-htc-desire-c/ guide to root my desire C.
I have followed it up to the HTC website to unlock the bootloader..I connect my phone with debugging, type in OEM get_identifier_token and it hangs at this point saying something like waiting for phone..sorry I can't see exactly what it says right now...I'm pretty sure its because the USB drivers aren't being installed to the computer. And its not finding the phone..
In device manager I see android phone with a yellow ! Triangle..or android 1.0 drivers not installed. I have looked everywhere and also searched the phone. I couldn't find them on the HTC website, just HTC sync manager, which won't connect to my phone either..it works fine charging and as a drive..but doesn't seem to have android 1.0 drivers.

I hope I explained well enough, and I hope this gets some feedback. Does anyone out there have this problem or want to walk me through it? Also when I search for android 1.0 drivers, all the links are dead and broken. The few that there are out there.
This is something I can do, if I didn't have this problem connecting the phone to pc! Would love to root this phone.
Thanks in advance for any help !
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