Hey guys,

About a month ago, the screen on my HTC Vivid cracked in a few places after I carelessly left it on the edge of my bathroom sink, and it ultimately fell. I decided that I wanted to wait it out and not get the screen replaced just yet.

Now about a two weeks ago, I went out to a bar and a drank a good amount of alcohol. During the night, I had reached into my pocket to get out of my phone but seeing where I was at the time, I dropped the phone. The end result was further damanged the phone. Here are some photos that were taken a few days after:






I was wondering how I can/should go about getting the screen replaced? My phone provider is AT&T so should I head to the AT&T store that I bought it at so they can replace it? If so, how much would they charge me? I also heard that I can buy a screen myself and do the replacement by myself with the help of some tutorials that are on the internet. Or could I buy the screen myself then ask the employees at the AT&T store to replace it?

As for other other portions of the phone that are damaged, I think it would be safe to assume that I can't fix those and a professional will have to replace those damaged areas.

And last time that I checked I never put a warranty on my phone.

Very neglectful overall, right? Haha. I'll definitely be learning from my mistakes that I made here.

I am not sure which route to take. What I am looking for is both the fastest and most affordable route, if possible. If not, that's understandable. If you can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.