Hi All,

I cannot save the pictures that I take with any camera app of my phone into the external MicroSD Card. When I change the storage folder for my picture on the phone pictures capture App from the internal memory to the external SD Card the pictures that I take from that point onward simply disappear from the phone after I take them. I have installed also Pro Capture and changed the storage folder from internal to external, but I receive a message saying "Please check your external SD card before using the camera"

In addition a couple of months ago I decided to move all my existing pictures to the SD Card, but some of the pictures that I moved got corrupted and I could not open them any more or could not download them on the computer. In other words I lost them...

I have tried to look for a post on the forum and else where but no user seems to have the same problem and I am not really sure what to do. I have the feeling that it might even be that the Micro SD Card is not working properly or there is an app that is conflicting with this feature of the phone.

I have an Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with the latest version of the OS installed on it.

Thanks a lot!