HI every one
I have a tablet running Ice cream Sandwich. I have a 32 GB card in the TF slot and another 32 GB card in a reader in the micro USB slot. The system re-scans the card in the USB slot and re-adds those songs to the library. My music library keeps accumulating duplicates. I know I can go to my settings and drill down to the media storage app and clear the cache/data and it will start fresh but it is a major pain to have to do this every day because it takes a long time for the system to rebuild the library. ( there are over 7500 songs between both cards.). Anyone have any ideas on what I may be able to set, change, load or sprinkle on this thing to make it stop duplicating half the library.
PS it does not effect the card in the TF slot only the card in the USB slot.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I have cleared the media storage and re-booted. The media storage app found and added to the library all of the songs( 7468 of them ). I just left it sit, un-touched all day turned on but the screen off. When I checked at the end of the day it was showing over 11,000 songs with all of the songs in the USB slot being duplicated. I have unmounted the USB card and cleared the media storage app and re-booted again without the card in the USB port. It found and added to the library all of the songs on the card in the TF slot and after several on-off cycles and 2 days it has not duplicated any. I put the card back into the USB slot and the media storage app found everything and sure enough it started duplicating the card. It is definately connected to this USB port. Is there anyone out there who may have any idea why this happens and if there is anything I can do to correct it? Other than "don't use the USB port".

Please, someone who is 'expert' at this, see if they can let me know what to do.