I've had my Samsung Replenish for about almost 11 months now. I got it in January (This year 2012) and its been working great since. But yesterday i noticed something odd. I pressed my power button to turn the phone on, and didnt do anything. I thought my phone was dead but it was not. I took the battery out and something strange happened. Once i put the battery in, the phone would turn on as usual. One it started up, the power button did not lock the phone, or turn the phone off. I thought this was strange. This morning i woke up and it was still like this. But i also found another issue, the only way to lock the phone is to hold in the 2 voulume buttons (+ and -) and it locked, and i could turn it off. But my volume button did not do do anything to the voulume. I actully have to go to settings, etc to do the voulme. And my power button is non funtional. Can anyone help please? Thanks.