After I installed ICS via Odin problems started, ICS didn't work very well, specially after few days it's gotten even worse. So I came back to Gingerbread and since then I tried 7 different stock and custom roms and all of them operate poorly, SGS freezes, apps crash, had even low memory error and it takes usually a lot of time for start screen to load after pressing home.

So, clearly, simple rom changing doesn't help and I must do something else(it's worth mentioning that I always did wipe data/factory reset before rom changing). I think it had to do with ICS try but now I don't want ICS, I just want it to work normally, even if on Froyo. I was wondering if it can be something caused by my habit of removing battery when SGS freezes(not always though).

Somebody can recommend me a good way to cleanse my device, if possible I would like to format everything on /mount (possibly I prefer to wipe everything that's possible). And if you think it's ****** up beyond my repair possibilities, should I just install newest stock rom for my carrier, pretend being dumb and go service?
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