Motorola Defy "Over Updated"?? Can I Fix It With My PC?

This is a discussion on Motorola Defy "Over Updated"?? Can I Fix It With My PC? within the Rescue Squad Help forums, part of the Android Rescue Squad Support Forum category; Hi all, I had a motorola Defy I had bought second hand in Korea. After about 3 months it had some problem with 3G going ...

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Thread: Motorola Defy "Over Updated"?? Can I Fix It With My PC?

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    Motorola Defy "Over Updated"?? Can I Fix It With My PC?

    Hi all,
    I had a motorola Defy I had bought second hand in Korea. After about 3 months it had some problem with 3G going out, then being super slow and locking up..and it eventually got worse and worse. I thought it was a problem with a program that I had installed, so I restored it to its factory settings. It worked again for a while, but gradually got worse again.

    Basically I tried to fix it about 6 months ago but I don't remember now what I did. I had followed some tutorials and downloaded a file (something like .bsp file?), plugged it into my computer, used a software,...etc. Forgive me for not remembering the technical terms...

    Basically when I turn it on, it just shows the beginning animation of the Android character.. but it just keeps looping the animation and playing the sound it plays when it turns on. However, I am able to get it into the black boot screen.

    My friend in Korea took it to the shop, but they said I had "over-updated" it and I will need to pay almost the price of the phone to fix it. The phone is currently with my friend and I'm deciding whether to have him mail it to me. I suspect the store is just saying that because they assume usual customers don't want to fix it themselves.. but I'm hoping to as I know it's a software, not hardware problem.

    I guess my first step is finding out what others think. Is it fixable with a home pc and the right software/file? If it is, I'll have my friend mail it back!


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    If I understand you correctly, you are currently in the US and were using a phone purchased in Korea that started acting up. At that point you sent the phone to your friend in Korea who took it to a shop to have it fixed - correct? I guess my first question is why you didn't try to find someone locally (here in the US) to fix it. Not that it would make any difference in the long run, just curious on that point.

    As to whether or not it can be fixed by you, that's difficult to say. You might be better off just going to whoever is your carrier here and purchasing a new (subsidized) phone within your price range. You could also try taking the phone directly to Motorola and hassling with them over repairing it. If the phone just started acting this way, perhaps they can fix it at no cost if it's still under warranty - you bought it second hand, but there still may be time left on the original warranty.
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    If it is out of warranty, probably would just be easier to get a new phone. Good luck. BTW, welcome to the site.

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