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I was reading other threads about people having problems with their carriers in the U.S. making them take a data plan with their N1 when they just want a voice plan and use wifi at home/work. Has anyone had this problem with Rogers or do they just let you take the voice plan? I personally don't even plan on telling them what kind of phone I'll be putting the SIM card in.
I am using Rogers SIM for a voice no contract, for basic plan $35 + mail box options. Just added the basic data plan (500MB) for $25 more (no contract), can cancel any time. Innitial problem to activate the data plan. Required profiling the APN: wireless & networks settings/mobile networks/APN/ APN name=internet.com, user name=wapuser1 & password= wap.
Rogers technical support deny knowledge about N1 (claiming that N1 is not a Rogers phone vs iPhone++). If technical problem persists call Google Nexus One support in the US 1.888,486.3987. They'll try to help, however Google N1 support will claim to be unfamiliar with Rogers (data plans, T&C). In between all the palyers (do not forget HTC), problems may get solved or may not! Classical case of how not to manage support without one point of contact!!