I Am Unable To Assign Ringtones Or Groups To My Contacts From The Social Networking Sites Or Exchange. How Can I Assign Them To My SGH-i897 (Captivate) Phone?
With Social Hub, it helps aggregate multiple sources into a single place for information at your fingertips. As with some of the sources, the information that is supported varies. If you have accounts from Exchange, Gmail, or from sites like Facebook or MySpace, the fields to add groups or ringtones will be unavailable. In order to easily assign ringtones or groups your contacts, they must be stored on the under the Phone account. To do this, the contacts must be imported into memory.
Note: The below instructions assume multiple accounts have been configured and synced to the handset and a memory card is present.
Export/Import Contacts

  1. Press the Home Key
  2. Tap on Applications
  3. Tap on Contacts
  4. Press the Menu Key , More, and tap on Import/Export. Tap Export to SD card
  5. Tap Ok to confirm exportNote: The handset will export the contacts. it may take a few moments.

  1. Press the Menu Key , More and tap on Import/Export. Tap Import from SD cardNote: The handset will scan the memory card for the vCard files. If you have multiple vCard files, you may be prompted to select a specific file.
  2. If the phone has multiple sources for contacts, you will be prompted to select a source to import under. Tap on Phone.Note: If Phone source is not selected, the fields to assign ringtones or groups, will not be visible.

Assigning Ringtone Or Group

  1. Go into Contacts, tap on a contact, press Menu Key and tap Edit
  2. Tap on Phone
  3. Scroll down to show fields for Groups or Ringtones. Tap on the desired selection and make the choices.