Can I Transfer Content To And From The SGH-i897 (Captivate) Phone Using Windows Media Player?
The FAQ contains serveral sections from how to setup and transfer data using the Media Player mode. Please check the titles after the breaks for area of interest to you.
Configure Port Mapping

  1. Press the Home Key
  2. Press the Menu Key
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on Applications
  5. Tap on USB settings
  6. Tap on Media player to connect as a portable media device to a PC where an application such as Windows Media Player can detect the phone.

Connecting & Transferring

  1. Press the Home Key
  2. Plug the cable into the phone
  3. Plug the other end of the cable in a USB port
  4. Tip: Avoid the use of multiport hubs if possible.
    Note: The device will enter MTP Application mode, this is normal.
  5. Open Windows Media Player. Notice the phone is displayed in the left pane for each drive volume present.
  6. Click on the Sync tab to expose the phone
  7. Try dragging and dropping the music in the Sync list from your music library
  8. Click the Sync button to start the transfer progress
  9. The transfer has been completed.
  10. Unplug the USB cable from the computer. You are now ready to play music on the go with your phone.

Technical Support (Windows 7)
MTP devices will general show under Portable Devices. Ensure the device is listed as in diagram 1
Diagram 1

If the computer has problems installing the drivers, try a different port.
If detection is still a problem, visit Microsoft update and update top the latest verison of Windows Media Player for the OS.
List below in diagram 2 shows the current drivers loaded and needed for MTP operation with Windows Media Player.