Can I Customize The Default Shortcut Keys On My SGH-i897 (Captivate) Phone?
The display can be customized to quickly access applications that are desired to be used most. In addition, the handset supports 7 different display panes for Home views that can be accessed by sweeping to the left or right on the main page.

  • Sweep the display to the right to reach the next display pane.

  • Note: Notice that you are on a new display pane.

  • Tap on hold on the display background to bring up options for widgets,shortcuts, and other items. Let's select Android widgets for illistruation purposes.
  • Tap on hold on Power control

  • Note: The power controlbar widget is on this display pane.

    Tip: If you wish to remove this item from the display, simply tap and hold the object until "it pops foreground" and then the trashcan will appear at the bottom of the display where the object to be placed for removal.