Hello all you experienced developers,
I'm new to these forums. I've been searching for a way to root the Samsung Captivate (SGH-I897). I have had no luck and it seems the more I dig and search, the more confused I become. It started with a simple Google search directing me to use either SuperOneClick or z4root (side-loaded, as I have AT&T). Well both of those are a no-go; SuperOneClick freezes and quits responding on my laptop (yes, I have the correct drivers AND the 4.0 NET framework installed) and z4root just craps out and force closes in the process.
Before I go further, let me say I'm running the official Froyo 2.2 that was released by AT&T, upgraded thru Kies from 2.1.
So back to my story now, I go and do some more digging and try the method of downloading update.zip to the internal SD and rebooting into recovery mode and installing that. Well apparently with Froyo there's a 3e recovery that won't update unsigned packages. So how do I get around that, back to searching... and I find another thread that talks about using Odin to flash back to Eclair 2.1. But then check your build number under the battery cuz different builds cause different issues. Turns out I have build 1008, and this thread talks about making a jig because I guess somewhere down the line I run the risk of bricking my phone??

I'm so freakin' confused. What started as "Use this simple SuperOneClick!" or "sideload z4root, its one press!" has turned into "revert back to 2.1 but before you do make sure you know how to unbrick it" :confused::confused::confused:

Can anybody please shed some light on this for me. I know it can be done because of all the success people have in the forums. I'm going crazy!

EDIT: tried using SuperOneClickv1.9.5 instead of v2.2 and am now rooted. I feel like shooting myself in the foot :mad: