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Thread: Looking for Custom Roms?

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    Exclamation Looking for Custom Roms?

    If you've been coming to this thread look for custom roms then likely you've notice there is very little here. So I want to make it easy for you guys and gals thinking about modifying your phone.

    First of all. If you are not sure about something then don't start the process. Pretty simple, right?

    Before you flash, make sure you have backed up all of your User Apps with Titanium Backup. I would suggest getting the paid version as it will run faster when backing up and restoring your apps.

    Second go to Read BEFORE flashing!! - xda-developers to learn all about the other things you need to know before you flash a custom rom. Please don't skip this step as it is the most important thing in this process.

    Then lastly go to Captivate Android Development - xda-developers to find a rom of your liking.

    A good starter rom would be Cognition v2.3 you can find it at [ROM]Cognition v2.3b8 - xda-developers. Simply put, it works and it works well if all you want is Froyo 2.2 and some extras.

    Any rom you pick from XDA I would highly suggest you read the comments. I typically start from the last page and work backwards. Every rom is going to have bugs. Depending on how you use your phone some bugs can be a problem and for other they will never experience them. For example many roms have the "OC" option. That is "Over-Clocking". OC does give you the ability to dramatically improve the speed of your captivate but at the same times can cause some or a lot of FC's (forced closures). If you are a gamer then OC might be a good option for you. If you are not then OC will really not do any good for you.

    Anyway, be smart when you are flashing your rom.
    - Don't ever flash your rom using a slow or unstable computer.
    - Make sure you download roms on a stable connection. Last thing you want is to be installing a corrupted rom on your phone.
    - Always charge your phone to 100% before starting anything.

    Lastly, never rush the process. It can take 5-30 mins for a successful flash. If it seem like nothing is happen do not pull out the battery or USB cable unless it been a few hours of no results. I would suggest posting a question if something has gone wrong. There is many knowledgeable people out there to help. I would suggest posting question at Captivate Q&A - xda-developers

    I would also suggest adding insurance on your phone in case something goes wrong. Or only flash your rom within the first 30 days you get it so you can return it. Keep in mind this is a $400 phone you are playing with. With insurance it can cut the replacement cost by 75%.

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    Just to add a bit... While I agree with you mostly, Cognition has a VERY rapid development pace. Meaning that, while you might have just jumped through all the hoops and installed Cognition 2.3b8, tomorrow could be beta 9 that requires a system wipe. Or like Cog has done in the past... post a ROM and only 30 minutes later post a revised version because the contacts app kept FC'ing. People that are new to flashing ROM's need to find a ROM that is more steady, and has a decent development pace so they don't get overwhelmed by updates. Then when they feel more accustomed to how the process works, and are more comfortable with it, then they can tackle something with rapid updates.

    And something I can't stress enough with the Galaxy S series of phones like the Captivate is you MUST remember every way to get into download mode. That's a very, very important step.

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    I understand your point but just because a rom has a rapid development doesn't mean you need to upgrade for every release. That is why many people are still on Windows XP vs. going to Windows 7. XP just worked for them. Personally I am running Cognition B8. A large group is still running B5. Yes there is a newer versions but this rom works well for me so there is no need to upgrade. I likely rapid developments because that means if there is areas that can be improved or bugs to be fixed then those are going to be taken care of quickly. It all depends on personal preference.

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    and one thing i would recomend doing at some point is going to radio shack and pick up a pack of 100k ohm resistors just in case you get in a bind and need to make a jig. these phones are damn near unbrickable with a little searching a little reading and a little bit of skill. but just remember what everyone else says READ EVERYTHING whether it be the opening post with instructions and atleast the last few pages of comments so you can tell what the bugs in the latest version of the rom are.

    hope you all have good experiences modding your captivate.
    and btw i'm really liking the doc's rom port v7 by borguesian if you are looking for different roms to try out

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