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Thread: Gingerbread for Captivate

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    Gingerbread for Captivate

    So I have been looking about on XDA at some of the Gingerbread and have seen

    JVB Continuum v5.2
    Team Phoenix Mosaic I
    Cyanogenmod 7
    Perception II

    And after looking at them they all seem completely different in flashing for them. This with my major fear of bricking a phone in which I do not feel like paying for again because of stupidity on my part makes me pause.. I want to try these to find one that will work best for me.. But still the fear is there.

    So with that said the reason for my post.. Which one is the most stable right now from people that have tried these.. If so/not what is the best steps for installing them..

    Like I said reading them from XDA leaves a lot to be desired by thier descriptions of installing.. I will give an example..

    [ROM][2.3.3][JVB][5/4/2011]►Continuum v5.2◄Gingerbread►Captivate i897/i896/i9088◄ - xda-developers
    Lists it as
    Download latest version of Continuum and put it on sdcard
    Optional - return to stock using this method
    Optional - only if you dont have bootloaders - install JVB bootloaders with ODIN in PDA section

    Flash this kernel (or any other kernel with CWM3) with ODIN in PDA section with Auto Reboot option unchecked
    Pull out the battery and disconnect the cable after ODIN said "RESET"
    Reboot in recovery using Volume UP + Power button
    Install Continuum from sdcard.

    Note: If you have gingerbread bootloaders perform this quick test:

    • go back to stock using the method i described above
    • test orientation sensor - open browser and see if it reorients.
    • if it doesn't work, i recommend flashing again the bootloaders pack I linked to above
    How do you do the bootloaders package? With or without reboot on that?? Do I need to clear anyhing? So many questions.. So I just use ODIN PDA with this and BAM it is done?? Doesn't seem like enough steps to get the job done here.. Am I reading to much into this.. Is it that simple?? Or are they making assumptions that I don't know about??

    Sorry for being noobish.. I am just a man who like absolutes and this just seems a little to open ended.. Perhaps I am just an idiot.. Who knows..

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    Read Modest Mandroid's sticky on there.

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    Or MikeyMike's GR-XX install instructions. His are pretty clear cut. You can stop after the initial JVB flash to be stock JVB, or continue with his instructions to be on his GR-XX ROM, which IMO, is pretty good. It's basically the GS2's ROM adapted to the Captivate.

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    +1 on GR-12. I'm running it right now and it hasn't given me any problems so far. The install was actually pretty easy. I was really tempted to try out the new Continuum 5.4, but the installation instructions just didn't make sense. Once you get the gingerbread bootloaders on, you can switch back and forth between GB roms easily.

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