How do I rollback Froyo to stock firmware?

This is a discussion on How do I rollback Froyo to stock firmware? within the Samsung Captivate Hacking forums, part of the Samsung Captivate category; Hello all, First off, my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. I posted this issue to another forum and it was ...

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Thread: How do I rollback Froyo to stock firmware?

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    How do I rollback Froyo to stock firmware?

    Hello all,

    First off, my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. I posted this issue to another forum and it was suggested to me that I might be better off posting to an official AT&T or Samsung forum. Before going directly to or, I figured I'd post here, and see what I could find out.

    I would like to rollback my phone to its stock firmware and update to Froyo again, because I have a sneaking suspicion that, although the update "took" and the phone tells me it is running 2.2 firmware, it does not seem to be working as it should now. For example, the splash screen with the pixelated S on startup does not always sync with the startup "music", and when shutting down, the screen stays on, albeit completely black, for approximately 10 seconds before the phone vibrates and shuts down completely. Are these two things normal?

    I suspect the phone is not working correctly because I received an error partway through the update to 2.2 saying that the installation could not be completed (possibly due to a text from a friend coming through while I was updating), but when I rebooted the phone, everything seemed to be working, and the phone did list 2.2 as the current software.

    Here is what I have done so far:

    I backed up all the folders I saw when I plugged the phone into my computer in Mass Storage mode (unfortunately, I forgot to set the computer to "show hidden files and folders", so if there were any of them, I probably missed them.)
    I used Samsung Kies Mini to perform the update.
    I backed up all the folders after installing some new apps (again, without "show hidden files and folders" turned on).
    I performed a factory data reset, from Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset (all that seems to have done, is erased all my apps off the phone).

    I would like to return the phone to its stock firmware, update to 2.2 again, and root the phone, once I'm certain that I've got the Froyo update installed correctly on my phone.

    If anyone could let me know how to accomplish these things, as simply and as step-by-step as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any and all advice.

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    I downloaded 2.2 originally from You can get eclair from there as well if needed. I made a set of direction that should help get you back onto stock froyo KB1. This is assuming that you have AT&T Captivate phone.

    - Download and extract - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    - Open ODIN (If you do not have it - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!)

    - Shut your phone down and remove your SIM card and external memory if you have it. Boot into Download Mode by holding Vol Up and Down and plug in USB

    - Your phone should be listed in a yellow box inside ODIN as a COM number

    - Open PDA and navigate to where you extracted captivate-2.2update zip and select I897UCKB1-homeBinary.tar

    - Select start

    - ODIN will run through the procedure installing fresh copy of 2.2 KB1

    - ODIN will reboot when it completes, unplug the USB adapter.

    - After booting is done and the phone loads, shut down the phone and put your SIM and memory card back in
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    Thanks, Ninja! And welcome to the forum, Fergus!

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    Thank you, Ninja, for your help. And thank you WERA689, for the welcome. I'm somewhat new to the whole hacking/modding scene, but I enjoy experimenting with things, and hope that I can learn from those who are more experienced. It seems my Google skills were somewhat lacking at first, but I'm glad I found this forum.

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