Hi Friends,

I need help. I configured Google Voice with SIPSorcery + SIPGate + SIPDroid.
I am trying to run my captivate as voip only device. But something doesn't work well.

Scenario 1: I have configured SIPDroid with SIPSorcery. When I dial the call goes through, the other party picks up the call. I can hear the other party talking, but i cannot hear.

Scenario 2: desktop SIPGate client is working fine. Initiated the call from web to ring sipgate client, and everything works as expected.

Scenario 3: Configured Fring with Sipsorcery, same result. Other party could not hear me.

I checked the microphone of samsung captivate, good, works fine.

I am clueless... The funny thing was, it was working for couple of days when i configured, but stopped working after a while.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time in helping me out.