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How do you reflash it. Will I lose all my pics and music
Pics and music are stored on the SD, so you won't loose those. All of your contacts and such will get synced back down from Google and Facebook servers. And if you have paid apps, you can get titanium backup from the market and back those up your SD also.

To start, just download this: ODIN JF6 One Click Restore (that will restore you back to stock 2.1)
Open ODIN.
Now unplug your phone from the computer if it's connected and turn it off.
Pull the SIM card out, and pull your external SD out if one it plugged in, and put the battery back in.
Now, with the phone off, press both volume keys down and hold them WHILE plugging your phone into your computer.
At this point you should see something similar to this on your computer screen: (notice the yellow box will indicate that your phone is properly recognized)

From there, just click start to start flashing OEM 2.1 back to the phone.
It will do everything itself, and it will restart back to Android once it's finished.

now just move your stuff back, like contacts and such. All your pictures will show in the gallery and all your music will still show in the music player.