I have a Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate) from AT&T which syncs to our Microsoft Exchange Server. When I set it up in January, I imported all my Outlook contacts and set them up to sync.

While the Outlook calendar syncs both ways (i.e., whether I make the change on my phone or on my computer, it syncs to both devices), the contacts do not. If I add a contact on my phone, it gets added to the Outlook contact list, but if I add a new contact to Outlook from my desktop, the new contact never appears on the phone. Changes made on the phone to an existing Outlook contact are also synced, but changes made in Outlook never appear in the phone.

I have checked all the settings and cannot find anything that would allow me to change this one-way syncing.


Also, when I make a change to a contact on the Captivate, it changes the display in Outlook for that entry from "Jones, Tony" to "Tony Jones" even though I display the contacts 'Last Name, First Name' on both the Captivate and in Outlook. Nothing appears to have caused that change. If I open the contact in Outlook, the "File as" box still shows as "Jones, Tony" but until I open make some minor change and re-save the contact, it appears in all views as "Tony Jones"