Are you happy with how long the battery lasts?

This is a discussion on Are you happy with how long the battery lasts? within the Samsung Captivate forums, part of the Samsung Android Phones category; Read through the battery saving tips and had a really good day yesterday, well - a good day for me. Have been using the ATK ...

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Thread: Are you happy with how long the battery lasts?

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    It was a good day

    Read through the battery saving tips and had a really good day yesterday, well - a good day for me. Have been using the ATK and it's definitely something everyone needs.
    Started the day with a doctor's appt, so knew it was going to be a long morning. I installed the Kindle app and read one of my books for about 1/2 hour. Then went thru emails. In between labs, etc... read for another 1/2 hour or more and then more emails. Multiple text msgs and calls during the day, several email syncs, all the while using ATK to make sure everything is turned off when I'm done.

    By 11:20pm I was down 53% battery and very pleased considering it was a high use day. I've got email set to manual which isn't an issue for me since it's so fast (I usually check personal every 90 min. or so). Display is set to a darker picture and I keep bluetooth and GPS off unless I'm using them.

    Take care all,


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    I have only had my captivate for a couple/few weeks now. I noticed I could not get through my 12 hour shift without it draining almost all the way down so i started bringing my charger with me to work (still do in case). I surf the net a lot, watch video, search Apps, FB, and MANY other things throughout the day. Well I finally rooted my phone following the newbie Guide and WOW I have noticed a BIG improvement in how long the battery last. I removed the AT&T Bloatware that I never use, have the WIRELESS on while i am at work/home/WiFi access area, Bluetooth OFF, Sync On for my email, satellite OFF unless i am using it, Brightness OFF (AND you can STILL see the screen, I have the power widget and it has OFF and TWO brightness settings). I went from less than 12 hours of pretty hard usage until almost dead to 1 1/2 days of hard usage of battery life. The ONLY thing that is bugging me at this point is NO FroYo 2.2 Update YET... If you have not followed the Pimp My Captivate, then I would suggest to DO SO. At first I just used some of the methods/apps it suggested and liked the results. Then once rooted it CAME TO LIFE.

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    I found that putting the brightness in Auto and making sure that I have apps that are constantly updating that I increased the battery life to about two days. I had an app, "Adamisms" that I left running and it ate the battery in a couple of hours.


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